Angels of Inay Maricel (AIM)

AIM means Angels of Inay Maricel. Our AIM is to help people, to inspire others, to be different and to make Inay proud and happy. Aimer (tawag sa mga member ng AIM) which means “to like” or “to love”

AIMERS for the love! AIMERS for Inay!

We are still planning for the activities po na gagawin ng group and we are hoping po that you will help us to conduct the event like feeding program, etc or you can suggest po any activity you want us to do. We will post announcements in our facebook group (just search Angels of Inay (AIM) on facebook). Sa ngayon po pinag-uusapan pa namin ung plan our target date is February 25, 2017 birthday of Inay. Please help us to spread the word to your friends or other maricelians to join and to those who are willing to help us to help others po. Thank you and god bless!

Just email us your concerns and suggestions. Thank you and God bless.



Ms. Maricel Soriano tumanggap ng parangal mula sa PMPC

Ginanap kagabi ang 30th PMPC Star Awards sa Novotel, Quezon City. Dinaluhan ito ng ilang artista. Highlight ng gabi ang tribute para sa nag-iisang Diamond Star Maricel Soriano na ginawaran ng Ading Fernando Lifetime Achievement Award. Pinangunahan ni Yassi Pressman ang tribute para kay Inay.fb_img_1477262327341

Marami ang natuwa ng umakyat si Inay sa stage para sabayan si Yassi na sumayaw at kumanta.


Isa namang heartwarming at tagos sa puso ang acceptance speech ni Inay kagabi. Pati ang veteran actress na si Ms. Nova Villa ang naging emotional.


Marami na ang nasasabik at nag-aabang para sa muling pagb-babalik ng Diamond Star sa pelikula man o sa teleserye. (Nako kailan kaya ang next project ni Inay?)img_20161024_001729

Congratulations Inay Marya! We Love You!

Inay’s Accepctance speech Video.

Yassi Pressman dance tribute to Diamond Star Ms. Maricel Soriano

Separada (1994)

Melissa (Maricel Soriano), a successful advertising executive believed she has a perfect life with her husband Dodie (Edu Manzano) and two children Vincent (Patrick Garcia) and Jenny (Angelica Panganiban). What she did not know is that her husband has fallen out of love with her and is seeing another woman named Sandy (Sharmaine Arnaiz). Sandy confronted Melissa and told her to give up Dodie because she has been impregnated by him. Melissa tried to win her relationship with Dodie however, the latter chose Sandy over her. Their marital break-up almost shattered her. But with the help of her kids and friends Melissa learns to be self-sufficient. In the long run, she learns to move on with her life and overcoming the challenge of single parenthood. (Star Cinema)


“Get out of my house, I don’t need a parasite!” -Melissa

Ikaw Pa lang ang Minahal (1992)

Dr. Maximo Sevilla (Eddie Gutierrez) loses his beloved wife (Dawn Zulueta) when she dies after giving birth to their daughter Adela (Maricel Soriano). Adela meets David (Richard Gomez) and courts her. Extremely flattered, Adela loses control of herself and falls head over heels in love with David. However, Maximo tries everything to separate the two, feeling that David is only after Adela’s inheritance. Adela insisted on their relationship and decides to elope with David but David deserts her. She almost loses her mind and throws herself on the river but Maximo revives her. She decided to go abroad and comes back home when Maximo is nearing death, this time Adela brings home a daughter. David tries to win her back but she no longer wants him.


Maricel Soriano with Richard Gomez and Charito Solis



“Gustuhin ko man, hindi ko magagawa. Sa puso nanggagaling ang pagpapatawad. Wala akong puso! Nagmana ako sa ‘yo.” -Adela Sevilla

The film was awarded Best Picture by all the five film award-giving bodies in the Philippines at that time. Maricel Soriano also won the coveted Best Performance Award of the Young Critics Circle.

Kaya Kong Abutin ang Langit (1984)

Ever since she was a little girl, Clarissa has always wanted to get out of the slums that she lives in. She has always been close to her rich god-mother Monina Gardamonte and to Monina’s daughter, Therese. Too close in fact that she confides to her god-mother more than to her own mother, Naty and her elder sister, Nancy. Because of her closeness to her god-mother, Clarissa tasted the high life and has always wanted to be a part of it. When she grew up, she became more determined to be a part of high society, so she continues sucking up to Monina. Theresstar_2005_n06_p066_a01_v24e had a boyfriend named Daryll, whom Monina disapproves. Even though her mother dislikes Daryll, Therese still continues seeing him. Clarissa secretly wants Daryll so she tells Monina of the secret rendezvous of the two. Because of the incident, this triggered Therese’s heart ailment. Therese knew inside how Clarissa is envious of her. Monina and her husband, Ralph, decided to go to the States to find a doctor but Clarissa insisted that she joins them because she will lose her access to high society. In a secret encounter between Clarissa and Therese, the later had a heart attack and fell into the pool. But instead of helping, Clarissa just watched her die. Since the couple is still grieving and nobody knew what she did, she sucked up and started “replacing” Therese as their daughter. Clarissa started to alienate her own family and stayed more and more in the mansion. The couple decided to legally adopt Clarissa as their own daughter. They convinced Naty stating this is for Clarissa’s own good. Naty accepted the offer and Clarissa became an heiress of the Gardamonte fortune. Clarissa completely abandoned her own family and embraced the shallow people of high society whom she thought were her true friends. When the couple discovered that Clarissa is responsible for the death of Therese, they planed to disinherit her and throw her back in the slums but Clarissa hired someone to take their car brakes during a vacation and make it look like an accident. She instantly became the sole holder of the Gardamonte group of companies. She immediately took Daryll and made him his pass in high society. Introducing her to powerful people thaKKAAL02.pngt will benefit her. Daryll started to fall for her but Clarissa sees him nothing more of a ticket to powerful people. Daryll started to lose his wealth because of their family’s fortune going bankrupt. Clarissa started to lose interest in him and started dating a very wealthy banker named Jerome. She knows Jerome can cement her status in high society so she started flirting with him and soon enough became engaged with him. Daryll said he will kill himself but Clarissa instead of helping him, dared him to actually do it. Soon enough her mother died and her the profits of her company start to dwindle incurring debts from banks. On the day of the wedding, Jerome does not come and left Clarissa in the altar. Because of this incident, her “friends” abandoned her and she became a mockery in the society pages. Her businesses crumble one by one until all the Gardamonte fortune she inherited is now lost. She suddenly remembers her sister but instead of accepting her shoved her away with all the grudge she has been harboring silently for all those years. Clarissa lost everything. Her wealth, her dreams and most of all the people that actually loves her. She is all alone with no hope for tomorrow. The only consolation she can get is death. KKAAL14.png

“Ayoko ng masikip, ayoko ng walang tubig, ayoko ng mabaho, ayoko ng walang pagkain, ayoko ng putik” -Clarissa Rosales

Saan Darating ang Umaga (1983)

A family’s source of joy becomes the cause of all their grief. After years of trying to have a son, a couple finally decides to adopt one. While Shayne their only child is receptive at first, she finds herself getting increasingly jealous of Joel who has become the couple’s center of attention. Shayne realizes that her adopted brother is no threat at all when he demonstrates his affection for her. But just when harmony is restored in the family, tragedy strikes during a beach excursion. Acting on a dare by Joel, Shane’s father drifts afar from the shore and drowns. Shane’s mother suffers a breakdown and blames Joel for the tragedy. Albeit Shane tries to hold the family together, the mother becomes inconsolable and demands that she return the boy to the orphanage. Now, Shayne must make the painful choice whether to keep her brother or submit to her mother’s wishes. vci-dvd-83-162-saan_darating_ang_umaga-s_254b2674-c5a0-4ad9-85c3-747313b3ccb5

“Wala sa damit, wala sa kulay ang pagmamahal, nasa puso nasa utak” -Shayne Rodrigo

First blog post

Hi guys! So this is my first blog post. Di ako mahilig gumawa ng blog kasi parang wala namang exciting sa buhay ko, until I realize na yung pagiging fan ko is super fun kaya gumawa ako ng social media accounts like twitter and this (blog) kasi its very unusual for me, at my age (21 years old) to idolize a star from the 80s generation which is the generation of my mom. She’s always asking “why did you like her (Maricel) eh ang tanda na niya” sasagot naman ako “wala lang, ang galing niya eh.” Napapanood ko na siya pero when I watched Ang Dalawang Mrs. Real and Ama, Ina, Anak she took me in, she captured my heart and then I said I like her, I love her and that made me realize na I’m a “Maricelian.” Knowing that she’s older than my mom pero idol ko siya, ang laki ng age gap namin para maging idol ko siya, at yung panahon ng kasikatan niya eh hindi pa ako tao hangin pa lang. Hahaha 😀 Being a fan doesn’t matter on the age but depends on how you look up to the person your admiring. Ang sarap kaya maging fan lalo na kapag nalalaman mong naaappreciate nila yung mga maliliit na bagay na nagagawa mo for them. Simple appreciation is a big thing for us fans na tunay na nag-mamahal.

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